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Rice is cooked by boiling, or it can be ground into a flour. It is eaten alone and in a great variety of soups, side dishes, and main dishes in Asian, Middle Eastern, and many other cuisines. Other products in which rice is used are breakfast cereals, noodles, and such alcoholic beverages as Japanese  sake.

Moisture (m/m), % : Not more than 6.0

In shell almonds, shell or skin fragments  (m/m) % : Not more than 0.25

Rancid, rotten and damaged by insects or other pests (m/m), % : 1.0

Split, broken and halves (m/m), % : Not more than 5.0

Acid insoluble ash in dil.HCl, % : Not more than 0.1

Oil content (m/m), % : Not less than 45.0

Acidity of extracted oil, expressed as oleic acid , % : Not more than 1.25