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Sugar Although the main reason for the use of sugar is its sweet taste, sugar has many other functions in food technology. The most important among these are that added sugar in foods acts as a sweetener, preservative, texture modifier, fermentation substrate, flavouring and colouring agent, bulking agent. The various methods of use of sugar are based on its physical and chemical properties.Loss on drying, percent by mass, Max 0.10 4.

ii. Polarization, Min 99.50 Z 5

iii. Reducing sugars, percent by mass, Max 0.10 7

iv. Colour in ICUMSA units, Max. 150 8

v. Conductivity ash, percent by mass, Max 0.1 9

vi. Sulphur dioxide, mg/kg, Max 70 13

vii. Lead, mg/kg, Max 5.0